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Get Style Inspired: Fashion Month 2022 Recap

Fashion Month – the time that inspires and excites the world in preparation for the new season style. We’re sharing the trends that caught our eye to give you styling ideas, to create looks you love!

New York


The biggest trend this year is definitely all about colour and prints. New York Fashion Week showed us so many different ways to wear these pieces that it’s going to be hard for anyone not to find something they love! From bright neon hues like neon pink or green paired with simple black leggings and boots; colourful dresses in shades like yellow, blue or red paired with neutral heels; graphic tees worn under blazers with matching pants – there are so many options out there!


Off the runway, oversized blazers were everywhere, elevating the looks of attendees, in both neutral and bold patterns. If you haven’t yet invested in this wardrobe essential, let this be your sign to do so.




London & Paris


For London Fashion Week, designers focused on all things ladylike — think high-neck lace blouses and collared poplin dresses — as well as all things shimmery, like sequins and metallic fabrics.

We also saw the return of take-up-space sunglasses. If you’ve been holding onto your ‘bigger is better’ shades from the early naughts, now’s your chance to bring them back out. They were everywhere at LFW!


Other trends included plenty of ruffles, so now is the time to have fun with texture in your outfits! Speaking of ruffles, designers like Louis Vuitton featured them on everything from shoulders to bell-bottoms at Paris Fashion Week. They’re perfect for adding a feminine flair to any outfit.

The colour palette for Paris Fashion Week was all about bright and bold colours with many designers choosing to play off the two opposite ends of the colour wheel. Why not have a go at pairing some contrasting colours together for a fun, bright look. Paris also showed us a new trend for women – layering the same colour in multiple shades.



The designers behind fashion month set the trends for the season ahead. Take what you like and leave behind what you don’t but hopefully, you are feeling inspired by the new season style. 

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